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"My purpose in this lifetime is to walk the path of self-actualization and empower others to find their own path to this place of freedom, self-expression, and power.  My mission is to create more joy, more light, and more love in this world and to support others through their healing process to get there.  Through this journey, it is my honor to help people to develop their own relationship with spirit and learn to trust their intuition as a means of communicating with the divine."  

-Jenna Weitzman


Who am I?

That’s really the question, isn’t it?

I’m Jenna Weitzman and “who am I?” has been the guiding question in my life for many years.  I have been on the path towards self-actualization for over ten years and I can now confidently say that I do know who I am.

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Success Stories

“Jenna is a powerful medicine woman. She held space for me during a dark night of the soul and helped through a threshold over the other side. With her powerful voice and musicality, she helped guide me, always in solidarity and high integrity, to remember my own true strength. She helped me come home to my own empowerment and embodiment of the divine feminine, to remember my magicality, to acknowledge and own it. I feel grateful and truly blessed to have her in my life.”

Veenaa Saynana, 

Medicine Woman & Co-Founder, Thanktuary Retreat Gualala, CA

“I’ve known Jenna for eight years & every year she puts herself out there in new ways to serve her community. She is a medicine woman & a healer. The breadth & strength of her wings to hold others going through their shit, is vast. The application of the alchemy of her toolbox is diverse, magikal & transformative.


Most recently I attended a yoni steaming ceremony that she facilitated. Jenna made this intimate ritual feel safe, comfortable, meaningful & cleansing. I personally walked away with several downloads, openness & greater feelings of acceptance of my own journey.


Jenna has been a spiritual coach and sister-leader to most who have met her. As she continues to evolve in life and business, I could not cheer louder or more authentically for someone who is truly so special, living and creating their truth.”

Roslyn Miller,



“Jenna has done an amazing job curating a safe space for women to gather, set intentions, express themselves and release. Working with Jenna has helped me on my healing journey to tap into my feminine energy and regain my power as a woman. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, herbal and alternative medicines. I would recommend working with Jenna to anyone who’s looking for support in getting clear and reclaiming their power!”

Deanna M.



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